The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant and Russian Railways conducted joint acceptance tests in the USA

Tests of engineering prototypes of Barber S-2-R freight bogie components (of Model 18-9810 with 23,5tf axial load and Model 18-9855 with 25tf axial load) were carried out in design department of the Standard Car Truck Company (SCTCO, Wabtec Corporation, Chicago, USA) as part of the program to master the new products by the plant.

The acceptance board consisting of members from the plant, Technical Policy Department of Russian Railways, Engineering Center of Rolling Stock, and the Barber bogie developer, Standard Car Truck Company, verified the compliance of prototypes with the requirements of design and manufacturing documentation, and recommended them for operation.

Among the bogie’s main features are the increase of the inter-repair mileage up to 500,000 km, the increase of durability of wear-resistant elements up to 1 mln. km, the increase in the stability margin factor up to 30% against Bogie 18-100 to preclude derailment of an empty car, and the decrease in the empty car vertical dynamics factor by 30%. Application of modern technologies and the use of high-quality components will ensure considerably longer endurance life of Barber bogies.

The essential difference of the Barber bogie is its low life-cycle cost. As estimated by life-cycle cost evaluation method developed by The Institute of Natural Monopolies Research, maintenance and repair cost of Barber S-2-R during its life cycle is less by 77% against the serially produced Bogie 18-100.

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