Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant Contracted for Equipment Supply for over US$300 mln

The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant has concluded agreements for supply of robotized press brakes (KUKA, Germany), gondola and hopper car center sill welding line (ALTA, Czech), as well as of the equipment of scrap shearing and swarf briquetting (AТМ, Austria). The supply of this equipment is scheduled for Quarter III 2010, the commissioning – for Quarter IV 2010.

As of early March 2010 more than 30 contracts were concluded for the development of technologies and supply of the main industrial equipment for the foundry and railcar productions of the plant for the total value of over US$300 mln. The first supply of the production equipment to the plant is expected in late Quarter I of this year.

The vendors of the process, engineering and measurement equipment for the plant are manufacturers reputable in their industries, including: melting shop – Siemens VAI (Germany), wheel set manufacture (automatic line) and castings machining – Danobat (Spain), railcar, wheelset and castings paint lines – Eisenmann (Germany), molding line for castings – Heinrich Wagner Sinto (Germany), core production – Laempe (Germany), heat-treatment furnaces – CAN-ENG (Canada), robotized welding equipment – KUKA (Germany), rolling mill – Bradbury (USA), plasma cutting – Whitney (USA), press brakes and guillotine shears – LVD (Belgium), transfer tables – Vollert (Germany).

The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant qualified to establish high industry standards, was designed given a comprehensive implementation of the technical and technological solutions.

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