Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant Received Positive Opinion from Acceptance Committee with Involvement of Russian Railways Reps and Designer Company

As part of works on construction of freight cars targeted for manufacture at the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, the acceptance committee review of deliverables on design and production in-phase of Solid-Bottom Gondola 12-9833 passed successfully. The committee accommodated representatives of the Technical Policy Department and Technical Audit Center of Russian Railways as well as Testing and Engineering Centers of the Engineering Center of Railcar Builders Group (Saint-Petersburg).

All required activities on observing the committee recommendations were completed at the plant, as a result of which the respective act was countersigned and the technical specifications for Gondola 12-9833 were approved. To the effect of obtaining the compliance certificate to manufacture the pilot batch of gondolas the evidential documents will be forwarded to the State Agency Registry of Certification on Federal Railway Transport.

The 23,5t and 25t solid-bottom gondolas are a joint design of Starfire Engineering & Technologies (USA) and the local Engineering Center of Railcar Builders.

Resultant from adaptation of the freight car design to Russian requirements and owing to the envisioned cutting-edge engineering solutions, there emerged a gondola surpassing by its technical and economic definitions the existing domestic analogs.

The competitive advanced features of the new generation gondola are the decrease in the dead weight with simultaneous increase in capacity and car body volume and a high rate of unification of 23,5t and 25t axial load designs.

The release of freight cars with extended service life and improved technical-economic parameters is in line with strategic trends of scientific-technical development of Russian Railways till 2015 (White Book of Russian Railways).

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