The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant participated in the Forum Strategic Partnership 1520

The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant as part of the projects of the ICT Group of Companies took part in the 4th International Railway Forum Strategic Partnership 1520 arranged in Sochi within May 27th 29th 2009.

The forum, which involved more than 900 delegates from 180 businesses of Russia, Europe, Baltic states and South-East Asia, displayed, among others, an individual exhibit of the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant. The exhibit enabled each event participant to gain a more in-depth picture of freight railcars to be produced by some most advanced technologies at the plant.

The new plant exhibit captured the attention of the Russian Railways top managers, Kazakhstan, Ukrainian, Estonian railroads representatives, members of transport-logistics companies as related to the 1520mm-gauge area.

As Mr. Vladimir Yakunin, President of the Russian Railways mentioned in his speech, the forum by and large hit its target to form the basis for efficient interaction among railway industry enterprises under new conditions.

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