First Barber S-2-R bogie freight cars came into railway network

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant has put out to the railway network first new generation gondolas equipped with innovative Barber S-2-R bogies. In order to undergo the controlled service the freight cars have been sent to JSC “Siberian Coal Energy Company”.

It is to be noted that multipurpose gondolas complete with Barber increased capacity bogie are the first to come into the network. The capacity of the multipurpose drop bottom gondola model 12-9853 is 75 ton, which will allow the owner to transport 5,5 ton of cargo more and reduce the transport cost of one ton of cargo for 5-8%. Furthermore, the gondola is characterized by the increased life-to-overhaul of 500 thousand km instead of 210 thousand km with standard freight cars.  

As of today such companies as Freight One and Freight Two, Transgarant, Siberian Coal Energy Company, Independent Transport Company, Oil Trans Service, АО Tatravagonka (Slovakia) and others have confirmed their interest in employing Barber bogie cars.

New generation products engineering at Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant complies with the target parameters of «Railway Service Development Strategy of the Russian Federation till 2030», the main of those are axle load enhancement, improvement of efficiency and speed, and consequently reduction of the impact on the rail track, higher operation safety and train-handling capacity of the network. In order to add purchase incentive to freight carriers, operators and freighters of the new generation cars, at the present time the Russian Railways with the support of the Executive Bodies of the Russian Federation and specialized Institutes is taking measures to develop the rail freight fare construction system.

“We’re introducing Barber design as an open standard for all freight car manufacturers and with the support of the Russian Railways and the owners make preparations for the wide scale service of the new generation cars”, –says Maxim Kuzemchenko, Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant Trading House Director.

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